Pilgerweg nach Assisi

  Stadt des Pilgerweg

”Vade Francisco et repara domum meam”

Link: Vita e opera di Francesco

The volunteers of the Camino


The volunteers of the Camino are ex-pilgrims who, after having experienced the importance and the privilege of this spiritual walk, dedicate their spare time in helping and contributing to the success of the Camino. First of all it is up to them to welcome the visitors.
Whoever has been on a pilgrimage can understand the various motives that stimulate the thousands of people who decide to start out.
As happens in the "Camino of Santiago" in Spain, every "Refuge for Pilgrim" is managed by a host who gives a hearty reception to the pilgrims.
Anybody interested in offering this kind of generous and altruistic service, should contact "The Company of the Camino" of Assisi:volontari@camminodiassisi.it