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”Vade Francisco et repara domum meam”

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Stage 5° Camaldoli - Badia Prataglia - Biforco


From Camaldoli there are two distinct routes to Badia Prataglia:

  1. from the hermitage you can take the path 74, cross the ridge passing through Gioghetto (alt. 1129 m), go up to Prato della Penna and Passo dei Fangacci (alt. 1234 m), then go down to Cappanno (alt. 1000 m) and, after 1 km, arrive in Badia (about 3 hrs). Alternatively, you can follow the beaten track (a little bit longer) that borders the path, warmly suggested in case of rain.
you can take the path 72 of CAI leading up from the monastery. After having crossed the bridge on the Camaldoli ditch, next to the hygienic services called “bagni”, follow the indication “Rifugio Cotozzo”. Start the ascent and, in about 1 hr, you reach the refuge, a small building with the chimney fire inside. You are now in front of some signposts: follow the Badia Prataglia sign and, after about 20 mins (1 hr 20 mins from the start), you reach Poggio Brogli where you can find some more indications. Go towards Badia and, from here on, there is a stretch of apparently flat ground with short ascents and descents. Immediately after Poggio Brogli there is a fork: go to the right (anyway the red and white signposts are very evident). After 1 hr 35 mins from the departure, you meet a little stream: you can see the sign “bandita caccia e pesca” (“hunting and fishing forbidden”); cross the stream and single out the red and white signpost painted on a tree trunk on the right; then, look for the next signposts with patience (the path is not very visible). From this point on and for a time, the path is hidden by the ferns, but, with care, it can be located. After about 2 hrs from the start, the path crosses the n. 66 of CAI with indications: turn left and you are immediately in front of a fork: take the way on the right (the other one goes to the pass of Fangacci). After 50 m you will see other indications: turn
  1. right for Badia Prataglia.  After a few mins the path is hidden by high ferns again; look patiently for the red and white signposts, 3 of them are situated on stakes about 150 cm high (not very visible in the summer). After 3 hrs from the departure, you meet two indications: “Camaldoli” and “Fangacci” but ignore these and turn right. After 15 mins, arrive in Casanova (there is a big inhabited building). You can continue on the beaten track or, better, just after the building, you can turn left, taking an old mule-track in steep descent, that enters the beaten track again and then on the provincial road. After about 3 hrs 30 mins from Camaldoli, you arrive in Badia Prataglia.

From the church of Badia follow the asphalt road and go down via Eden; here you can find the red and white signposts of CAI (path n. 73). After a hundred metres, turn left along another asphalt road, signed as “La Casa – Il Romito”. Cross the Archiano torrent at the bottom of the valley, follow the red and white indications and start the ascent. After about 25 mins from the departure, you meet the only dubious point of the route (well signed for the rest): you find a corner signpost, that shows a change of direction on the left; go neither straight, nor on the large path on the left. So be careful!: look for path n. 73 (it is not clearly visible at the beginning) which is further on the left and, looking up, search for the next red and white signpost on a tree trunk. After 1 hr of walking go down a slope, walk ahead, following the next signpost. After 1 hr 55 mins from the start, take a forest road (there are two iron gates) and, after 15 mins, meet a junction (in “Quattro Vie”) with indications: follow the one to “Frassineta” that you reach in two hrs from Badia. The way is shaded but without fountains. In  Frassineta there is a fountain with drinking water, that you can find going down a narrow asphalt road in the middle of a few houses.

From Frassineta take a narrow dirt road to the south (at the beginning there is the indication “Rimbocchi 70”). After 20 mins go around a closed iron gate. After 6-7 mins pass through a second gate, closing it after your passage. Immediately, turn left (indication “Rimbocchi”), leaving the path 71 on the right: after about 35 mins from the start, walk to the top of the hill (alt. 893 m). After 50 mins from the start, pass through and close another gate; and then turn left. At 1 hr 25 mins from the departure, reach a forest road intersection: follow the red and white signposts. After 1 hr 40 mins from the start, at the bend on the left of the forest road (follow the indication “Rimbocchi 15”), leave the road, going straight on the path. After 5 mins

looking down you can see the village of Rimbocchi: the red and white signposts disappear, but don’t worry because all the ways go to the small town, that you reach in 1 hr 55 mins from the departure. Go up to Biforco and, after 15 mins, you arrive at the refuge.
Walking time: 7 hrs – 8 hrs.

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