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”Vade Francisco et repara domum meam”

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Stage 7° Caprese - Sansepolcro

Leave the refuge of Caprese, go back to the junction with the provincial road, turn right and go down for 1,7 km till Ponte Sigerna (bridge); cross it and continue always on the asphalt road (light traffic) for 1,7 km till the fork. Remain on the right to Baroti: the road becomes a dirt track; find another fork: remain on the left (Fungaia). After 700 m see Ca’ Pigotti (Pigotti House), continue going up and, after about 650 m, at the fork keep right and enter the path n. 2 of CAI: the upward slope is easy but not very shaded.
Follow the well-indicated path n. 2, go past a small fire tower, reach a fork: keep to the right; the path starts going down and, after about 2 km, find a building site on the right but, be careful!, the path disappears owing to a new border disposition. Follow a new fence and arrive at a little road shortly after. Turn left towards Rocca Cignata (up on the left you can see the ruined tower) and go down till the fork (2,2 km). Take the asphalt road on the right, cross the bridge over the lake and, after 900 m (400 m from the bridge), take the path n. 14 of CAI (*) on the right, that goes up to Calcinaia (alt. 450 m). Continue going up till the asphalt road (alt. 500 m). On the other side of the road, the path goes up slightly and, after 300 m, there is a recreational area looking over the lake of Montedoglio: a wonderful view on a clear day. The cammino proceeds along this path, in the middle of a small pinewood, for about 1,8 km, before going down on the asphalt road again. Turn right and, after 50 m, in Albiano, an old abandoned hamlet, take the path on the other side of the  road. Now follow the well shaded dirt path till Sansepolcro, coming up beside farmland and some artificial lakes.
Alternatively, if you want to find some inhabited small villages, you can follow an asphalt road, parallel to the path (Vaio, Santa Croce, Falcigiano, Santa Fiora). After 1,5 km from Albiano, near a small bridge, the path turns off while you proceed. After 2 km, the path appears, then disappears later on again. Proceed for 700 m and, at the fork, follow the asphalt road. Finally the dirt track leads on to the provincial road to Anghiari, turn left and, after 300 m, it ends up on the main road (s.s.) to Arezzo. Turn left again and, after about 800 m, reach the underpass of the E 45. Turn right on the asphalt road before the first underpass and, after 600 m, turn left at the second underpass. Go on for 500 m till the junction, go ahead (for 630 m) on the asphalt road, pass behind the railway station. At the level crossing turn left and enter Sansepolcro passing through the Porta del Ponte (the Gate of the Bridge).
Walking time: 6 hrs – 7 hrs.

(*) In case of rain or of wet ground it is better to follow the asphalt road: the stage is increased by about 1 km, but it is less hilly and avoids some difficult stretches of path. Proceed along the road and, after about 2 km, at the fork, turn left; go on for 800 m and, at the bend, take the dirt carriage road on the left along the guardrail, indicated as path n. 14 of CAI again.

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