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”Vade Francisco et repara domum meam”

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Stage 4° Corniolo - Camaldoli

From Corniolo (alt. 550 m) go up the main road (s.s.) for 1,5 km, passing through Lago (a source of water) till you reach Corniolino, a small village at the top on the right. After about 20 mins from the departure. Leave the asphalt route to start the path n. 259 of CAI, turning right and climbing up. Later on you pass through a gate, remembering to close it, pass by the few houses of Corniolino (only one of  them is inhabited), walk along a dirt track that, after about 12-15 mins from the beginning of the path (35 mins from the departure), comes out on the main road (s.s.). You immediately find the path 259 on the right, with the sign “Tre Faggi” and you can catch a glimpse of the old castle of Corniolino looking up on the right. After 1 hr 30 mins from the departure, there is a carriage road going down (with the view of a house below) that you must not follow, but go straight along the path, keeping to the right. After 1 hr 50 mins from the departure, you come out in Tre Faggi: take the beaten track leading to the agriturismo (farmhouse) Poderone and to Pian del Grado, and turn left to come on the main road (s.s.) again.
Follow this road for a short while (on the right there is a bus stop), leave the asphalt road before the hairpin bend on the right, go along the path which is, at this point, not very visible and imprecisely signed (the red and white indication is on a stone but not at the start of the path).

The first stretch of the path is not easily visible, there is a steep and winding ascent, carefully following the red and white signs on the tree trunks. The path comes out on the main road (s.s.) again, follow it for a short while and then take the path again on the left (the asphalt road is always on the right of the path) which is now easily visible. At a certain point a deceptive red and

white signpost appears on the left (signed as path 259, maybe it was an old abandoned one), so do not follow it, but stay on the path on the right, where the CAI signposts will appear again. The path widens till it reaches a wooden cross (in memory of a deceased forest worker) and is also delimited by stakes linked with a rope. You can see the numerous didactical plates with reproductions  of flora, fauna and minerals (there are also descriptions in Braille) and, finally, also an example of coal …… After 2 hrs 35 mins from Corniolo you arrive in Campigna (hotels, bars, restaurants).
Pass round the few buildings of Campigna and, after the hotel “Scoiattolo”, enter the path 247 (it is indicated: be careful not to take the 245!): at the start, follow the red and white signposts, keeping the main road on the right, and then, cross it and keep the asphalt road on the left. After about 3 hrs 30 mins from Corniolo (even less for those with good legs!), reach the pass of Calla (alt. 1295 m).
Now take the path on the left and walk for about 10 km, passing through Poggione, Poggio Scali, Passo Pochereccio, Giogo Secchetta. At the fork take the path 68 on the right and, in 20-30 mins, arrive in Camaldoli hermitage. Enjoy the visit to this significant hermitage and then go down and, after about 2 km, you reach the monastery.
Walking time: 7 hrs.

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