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”Vade Francisco et repara domum meam”

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Useful suggestions

The itinerary is signed on the ground. Further information is indicated in green (see photos).

  • Every day there is an uphill walk, so the pilgrim should have a stick which will be useful for going up and down, alternatively light trekking rackets could be more functional.
  • On rainy days the mountain paths can be slippery and dangerous, so it is better not to risk. The asphalt roads are always nearby.
  • Please remember! Along the itinerary all gates must be closed, otherwise the grazing domestic animals can wander away.
  • The territory is not now so densely inhabited: the coming of an industrial economy in the 60’s caused a depopulation. Today it is possible not to meet anybody for the whole day, so when leaving in the morning, it is better to carry the necessary (food and water) for the day.