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”Vade Francisco et repara domum meam”

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Stage 1 Dovadola - Marzanella

Starting from “Benedetta Bianchi Porro” Refuge, leave the town of Dovadola, take the main road (s.s.) (please, pay attention!) on the left, go on for 200 m, turn left at the “Dovadola” signpost. The first climb of the way starts here, go up to the holy mountain: it will be tiring but you will get a lot of satisfaction!
Then take the old path to St Anthony’s hermitage; a slow walk because it is uphill till Montepaolo. At the start the path is narrow but, after 40 mins, it runs into a gravel carriage road. Follow the road to the right and turn left along the path before the asphalt road. After 25 mins you reach the asphalt road, follow it passing in front of a path on the left (take note of it: you will take it when you come back from the visit to the hermitage) till you reach the Sanctuary. So, finally, after 1 hr 30 mins, you have conquered the first destination! Take a deep breath and enjoy the place!
Now it’s time to go back for 1 km, turn right and, after 2 km, you are at the top of Mount Trebbio.
Turning left, go on the asphalt ridge for 2,5 km and, before the “agriturismo Pratello” (farmhouse), take the path on the left. After about 2 km, you are on the asphalt road going towards Modigliana, turn left and, after 1 km, turn right. After 4 km you are in Marzanella.
Walking time: 8 hrs 30 mins – 9 hrs 30 mins.

You are strongly advised to take sufficient water and food for the day: you will leave one village in the morning and you will only reach the next one in the evening. You will be walking in the middle of an uncontaminated nature. So this is the rule to follow in all the stages of the Apennines.

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