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”Vade Francisco et repara domum meam”

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Stage 11° Gubbio-Valfabbrica

You are starting the penultimate stage! Leave early in the morning to the south, passing Vittorina church: from here on, the well indicated “Franciscan Path” starts and, in two stages, you will arrive in Assisi. Cross the park and, at the junction, turn left. Pass Cipolletto and Ponte Assi (4 km). Walk along the main road for 1 km and, at the fork, turn right. Go on, cross a stream and, after 1 km, the uphill path starts, arriving at 700 m. Shortly after the dirt track starts and reaches the hermitage of San Pietro (17 km from the departure). The road goes down and, after 1.25 km, the classical path indicates a  turning, (*) but you go straight ahead. After 150 m, at the fork, turn right; go on for 160 m and turn right. Go on for 250 m, arriving along the river, and walk on the right. Follow the plane dirt track, ignoring forks, except for the one you find after 2.75 km (**). Here turn right (see a pile of stones on the left) walking up a steep slope. After 500 m, meet a ruin and, after 150 m, enter the asphalt road, turning left. Now an easy walk on the asphalt road is waiting for you: you can save your energy. After 5.5 km, reach Sambuco, go on for another 2.8 km and, at the fork, turn right along the traditional path and, after 3 km, arrive in Valfabbrica. (See map)

Walking time: 8 hrs 30 mins – 9 hrs 30 mins.

(*) In the second part of the stage it is better to follow the old way of communication along the river Chiasco, which links Gubbio to Valfabbrica. This is the last effort because tomorrow, after 16 km, you reach Assisi: a pleasant walk which leads you to the majestic Basilica of Saint Francis. In the afternoon you can quietly visit the small town.

(**) In the near future, it will be possible to reach Valfabbrica following the Chiasco river (the original Franciscan path). Signposts are being placed. This route saves some kilometres and gives the opportunity to walk in the middle of nature. Finally, enter the asphalt road and, 2 km after  la Barcaccia, there is the detour to reach the Franciscan path again. But in rainy weather, with wet ground, it is certainly  easier to follow the asphalt road.

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