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”Vade Francisco et repara domum meam”

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Stage 10° Pietralunga-Gubbio


Go out from the centre of Pietralunga, along via Roma, and go straight on for about 2 km. Turn right soon after the white house, taking a dirt track which goes directly to San Benedetto. Enter the asphalt road, turn left and, after 1 km, at the sharp bend (*), turn left walking up a carriage road to Ca’ Sesse (5 km). After about 1 km, turn right at the fork on an uphill path and, after 1,5 km, at the fork turn right again, reaching  a carriage road again, going down till the bridge (1.7 km). The road goes up again till Madonna di Montecchi (2.5 km) to go down again. After 1 km, at the fork turn right on into the asphalt road, cross Loreto, go towards Monteleto (2 km) and, shortly (600 m), reach the junction of Raggio. Cross the main road (s.s.), follow the traditional path which, after about 7 km, arrives in front of the Roman Theatre.

After 2.8 km cross a bridge, a flyover and, after 2.7 km, reach the outskirts of Gubbio. At the roundabout turn left to reach the theatre (500 m) and, at the next roundabout, turn right to arrive in Piazza 40 Martiri (440 m).
Walking time: 7 hrs.

(*) The stage can be shortened by some kilometres, following a less steep road in order to come earlier in Gubbio having the time to visit this wonderful town and, why not, to have a breather!, instead of turning left, follow the asphalt road (light traffic) till Moicana. At the junction turn left and, after 600 m, reach the classical path.
Time saved: 1 hr.

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