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”Vade Francisco et repara domum meam”

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Stage 3° Premilcuore - Corniolo


The third stage starts with the path 317 which is just before “Ca’ Ridolla”, the refuge. The first part winds along the valley, following the Rabbi river, and after 25 mins, you can admire a well preserved humpbacked bridge.

About 1 hr from Ca’ Ridolla, the path 317 ends and the path 311 starts on the left (after a small concrete bridge over the Rabbi river); along the well sign-posted way, you will come across some ruins (Petriccio, la Barcuccia, Case Nuove).

About 2 hrs 10 mins from Ca’ Ridolla, passing in front of a quite well-preserved house (Montemerli), a fountain (fonte Montemerli) is indicated on the left but … we couldn’t find it! Just a little bit further on, there is a small easily surmountable landslide.
After 2 hrs 40 mins from Ca’ Ridolla, turning sharp right into a wide grassy carriage road, the signpost Montemerli-Petriccio shows where you are coming from.
After 3 hrs you arrive at a forest road, turn left (east direction); a spring (Fonte Ridrosa) is indicated but it is situated at the bottom of a very steep slope and the way is not sign-posted.
In less than 3 hrs 30 mins from the departure of Ca’ Ridolla, leave the path 313 to Tiravento-Premilcuore on the left and, after 10-15 mins, reach the ridge of Monte della Fratta.

Walking time from Premilcuore to Monte della Fratta: 3 hrs 30 mins.

From the refuge, walking back to the junction of the path 311 (forest road) and the path 301 (SA Sentiero degli Alpini), look for the indication to Corniolo; follow the path 301 or SA to the south. After 25 mins you meet another junction: leave the path 269 on the left (to Poggio Fabbreria, Sasso, Berleta), leave the path 301 and take the path 267 walking south and, in 5 mins, it becomes the forest road again.
After 30 mins from the refuge leave the forest route to enter the path (267) marked with red and white signs on rock.
After 50 mins from the refuge reach the outbuilding of Valpisella, turn right just after the house in the meadow and after 1 hr from Fratta you can find a cool water fountain with table and bench. Take the easy path till you reach a dirt road (on the right there are some dilapidated buildings), turn left on the path which then becomes an asphalt road. After less than 2 hrs from the refuge of Fratta you arrive in Corniolo.To find accomodation for the night, walk through the village to the local church where Don Gino will welcome you.
Walking time from Premilcuore to Corniolo: 5 hrs 30 mins – 6 hrs.

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