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”Vade Francisco et repara domum meam”

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Stage 8° Sansepolcro - Città di Castello

Leave Sansepolcro and take via Montefeltro; at the junction turn left towards Montecasale. After 1.6 km, at the fork, turn left and, after 700 m, turn into the path n. 4 of CAI that leads on the Apennines ridge and enter the road: follow it. After 950 m, turn right at the indication “Agriturismo San Martino” and, after 2 km, arrive at the hermitage of Montecasale.
Walking time: 2 hrs – 2 hrs 30 mins.

After a visit to the monastery, take the path n. 4 again, pass the “Casa ferie francescana” and, after 200 m, the path turns right; go up for 3.5 km, where you can find a gate that closes the path: cross it and close it again. Leave the path n. 4 (that turns 360° in the ridge direction) and proceed on the carriage road which gradually starts to go down. After 1,4 km, find some ruins and, after a little while, cross a small ford. You can easily meet cows at pasture going to water. The road goes up and, after 300 m, find Ca’ Brocchi; turn right and take a fine carriage road: after about 950 m pass in front of another abandoned house (Abbadiccia) and here the path n. 101 of CAI starts, follow it for a stretch. After 1 km cross a gate (please, close it). Go on till you reach some squared rocks after 900 m on a narrow curve on the right; turn on the narrow path and go on for 600 m till the path enters an asphalt fork; go down, remaining on the right for 150 m till the road-man’s house (on the left) and, just having passed it, find a path which goes down to the valley. After about 900 m, there is a fork: while the path (path n. 101 of CAI) turns right, the path goes straight ahead and, after 2.3 km, find the first houses. After 1 km reach Pitigliano, turn left on the asphalt road, cross the bridge, at the fork, turn right (500 m). After other 500 m, arrive in Selci-Lama. Follow the asphalt road and, after 1 km, the path n. 105 of CAI starts: follow it for a stretch. After 1 km, at the junction, go on ahead on the dirt track (300 m), which enters a carriage road. Turn left for 100 m, then turn right onto the dirt track.
After 900 m, reach the carriage road and turn left. After another 500 m, cross a small bridge and, at the fork, stay on the right, following the road which becomes an asphalt road. At a certain point, the path n. 105 turns but you go ahead along the asphalt road. After about 800 m, at the first fork, go on straight ahead towards Userna; at the second fork turn left towards Coppi on a lightly uphill carriage road. After about 900 m reach the top and then go down. After 100 m, turn right on the dirt track. Go on (straight ahead) along a fishing lake till the asphalt road (1 km). Turn left and, after 1 km, in front of the signpost “Città di Castello” turn right.
Walking time: 7 hrs 30 mins – 8 hrs 30 mins.

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